Friday, 16 November 2012

Christmas, vintage clutch bags and flying rugby tackles!

I did something really quite naughty today- opened a Christmas present before it had officially had the opportunity to land on the mat. How could that even have happened you ask? Well let me tell you a little story…
I knew my friend had ordered me a gift online that he said I would adore. After a few days of constant grilling, he finally folded and told me what it was under the assurance that I wouldn’t ask another question or try to find it before Christmas day. So, what a serendipitous moment that I, of all people, should be there when it arrived.
Eyes locked (his in fear, mine in sheer delight!) we ran shoulder to shoulder through his hallway, hurdling the cat, still neck and neck. However, my last minute foul (jab to the ribs) gave me the much needed advantage to perform a flying tackle and snatch the parcel before it even had chance to land to the ground.
I made short work of tearing through layers of bubble wrap and parcel tape to finally discover the little nugget of gold- a vintage clutch bag fashioned from a French magazine. It's absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad that my rugby tackling skills have given me the opportunity to share it with you.

It’s all wrapped up now and I think this goes without question, totally and utterly hidden! Oh, I’ve got so many occasions and outfits planned for that bag- how many days 'till Christmas?
Love PmD xx

           "If you want to stays streets ahead, look to the past for your inspirations"


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Welcome to Prick-me-Dainty

Ok, so after many fluffy and fleeting thoughts, after too many to even confess to ‘perfect’ note books purchased in the hope that words will magically tumble from them, here finally is my first attempt at blogging- which is a bit of a disgrace really as by day I tutor English!
Welcome to Prick-me-Dainty, but before I go any further, let me explain that there is NOTHING rude to the name!  It is in fact a rather marvelous and now defunct 16th century word that describes a person who loves to get dressed up: My love of vintage and literature combined in three words- voila!

I use the description as the logo on my clothes. It's quite funny to see raised eyebrows and twitching lips as shoppers spy my chalkboard at vintage fairs then laugh as they rummage through my wears, read my tags and tell me they think it's a pretty cool name!

Anyway, you are here most likely because you love vintage. Prick-me-Dainty is an online vintage boutique catering for all fashionistas and budgets. All clothes are lovingly handpicked by me and sent to you, ready to wear. My mantra is that it doesn’t matter what era you love or what niche you belong to- it’s all about dressing up, finding your unique self and having fun.
Last weekend I was at the Numa Bar in Wolverhampton. For any one from the West Midlands or lovers of 70’s/80’s New Romantic synth pop, you’ll know that Gary Numan was one of the leading sons of this genre and the bar carries on his imaginative flair by offering the finest in retro music and live gigs, including metal, rock, ska, mod and indie- but this weekend, Numa belonged to vintage!
Organised by the lovely Dawn and Ellen from Wolverhampton’s vintage Fairs, this beautiful building was turned into a two-storey emporium catering for vintage addicts and featuring some of the Midlands finest sellers and crafters.
I had a rum old time meeting loads of new people, and as well as my usual eclectic menagerie of vintage clothing, I also had the opportunity to feature a new addition to my repertoire- retro sweets in the cutest vintage inspired jars and handmade teacup candles. I may as well confess to being dragged kicking and screaming to the bar (wink, wink!) to sample some of the cocktails on offer and can highly recommend ‘The Bronx.’
Thank you Numa Bar staff- you know how to mix a mean drink!
My sales included an original vintage 1960’s Mod top (ladies), a 1950’s fur coat and a darling little waterfall front jacket and best of all? A customer from a previous fair dropped by to show me the 80’s black leather skirt she purchased at my last fair in Wolverhampton.

Here she is rocking it hard with a Prick-me-Dainty 1980's black leather skirt, teamed up with a Karen Millen cinched waist belt, black silk blouse and postbox red fitted jacket- 80’s glamour tailored to perfection.


After emptying the van Sunday morning, collecting my daughter from a sleep over and cooking a vegan breakfast, I still had enough energy to do what I love best- hunting for vintage finds.  Found the most splendid coat (I say coat, it might be an elaborately gorgeous bed jacket!) but for now, it’s a coat and I have many, many plans for it.  Will keep you posted on all developments.

Lots of love,
Prick-me-Dainty xx

"If you want to stay streets ahead, look to the past for your inspiration..."