Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mosey On Down To Moseley!

Yesterday I traded at the Moseley Retro and Vintage Fair and can honestly say that I met some of the nicest people there! Moseley is a funky little fair run by Graziella and Steve. They keep it very low key and chilled with some of the most banging tunes playing in the background to keep your feet tapping as you mosey (see what I did there?) down the isles and marvel at the myriad of different stalls! There is an eclectic mix of home ware, jewellery, clothing and little curiosities so that you are always kept inspired, interested and oohing and aahing! 
Yesterdays customers had me salsaing on my stall, talking James Bond and discussing the merits of paper over plastic (bags!). I was also tantalised about a hoard of 1950's dresses and spoke to a lady who had a vintage collection of Vivienne Westwood (swoon!)   I wish I'd had time to take snaps of some of the beauties I sold yesterday, but was literally run off my feet. My sales included a gorgeous fine cord double button fronted Laura Ashley dress, Radley's, original label Top Shop and Jaeger blouses, Frank Usher tops and knitted waistcoats and floral skirts.
I was feeling rather flirtatious in the sun yesterday so opted to release my 70's goddess thus donned my floor length red alter-back maxi dress by John Charles and completed the look with chunky ponytails and rose bud flower crown.
(In the picture I'm wearing a vintage inspired lace over-jacket, but that was later swapped for vintage Levi jacket as I do love a bit of denim teamed up with red!)

Thank you to everyone who visited my stall yesterday, both customers and those who just wanted to say hi! I love meeting you all and look forward to seeing you again in October. Oh, and just before I go, thanks also to 'MakeUp by Sandra' who helped me out yesterday. She will be at the October fair in her own right, offering vintage makeovers and showing you how to replicate the looks for your Christmas night out (gosh, did I just say the 'C' word?!) So, for all your makeup tips from a professional who has worked with Dior, MAC, Versace and Yves St. Laurent to name but a few, make sure you pop by and get yourself booked in! 

The next Moseley fair takes place on 27th October 2013 from 1pm-5pm at St. Columba Church Hall, Chantry Road, Moseley B13 8DJ.

Prick-me-Dainty xx