Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Piercing Screams, Pellegrino and Pimms!

It was all hushed calm at Prick-me-Dainty Towers, until the chilled vibes I had created (wafting incense sticks) was broken by a piercing scream. To cut a very long story short, this girl...
sent this man...
this tweet...
and he replied...

Now thumbs are flying faster than a ball hit by Serena Williams at Wimbledon, notifications are coming in faster than rockets, phones are ringing and DollyRocker and friends are talking in a language that quite frankly has left me exhausted and in need of a large Pimms- who would have known that a one word answer could create such excitement! I do have to wonder what would have happened had he replied with a full sentence... xxx


Sunday, 11 August 2013

The New Prick-me-Dainty On line Store Has Arrived!

Oh, the excitement! 

It's taken a long time (and a few cocktails to sooth rattled nerves!) but the brand new Prick-me-Dainty website is officially launched (and a few more cocktails to celebrate!)

Please pop across and have a rummage around! As you would find in a bricks and mortar store, we have an eclectic mix of stylish and unique vintage clothes, ranging from acid pastel culottes, vibrant wiggle skirts, dandy blouses and of course flowing maxi dresses a plenty- there is something for everyone and new items will be shared with you on a regular basis, so keep checking back.

Forgot to add that you will also find a gorgeous Samuel Sherman Dollyrocker dress at a ridiculously low price, the tantalising give-a-way of a free headscarf with your order and at present we are offering free shipping to the UK!  
Love PmD xx